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Famm Fèmié Report


CHOSEN MINISTRY HAITI:  Famm Fèmié Haitian Women Farm WorkersChosen Ministry over the years has identified many of the challenges facing Haitian women farmers and mainly the economic difficulties that impacted on women financial viability and future success in the farming business. We have also identified some of the solutions that would help strengthen Haitian women operations as farmers and can facilitate their access to the farmers markets.

Chosen Ministry has created Women Farmers Markets for “Fanm Fèmye” , an impressive network of women farmers, as the best economic responses to the various problems facing Haitian farmers today and mainly women in farming industry. “Fanm Fèmye” helps Haitian women enter the farming markets, own their own farms, received advance training in land farming and livestock farming and open their own collective women farmers markets.

Women Farmers Markets for “Fanm Fèmye” is an impressive network of women farmers that supports hundreds of small family farming businesses regionally and nationally. Together they open many women farmers’ markets that are becoming well-loved community assets, work as managers and help secure their economic future.

Women Farmers Markets for “Fanm Fèmye” served as incubators for small women businesses. Their products and produces served as a catalyst for strengthening neighborhood business districts and helping bring more money into the  rural communities. “Fanm Fèmye” In addition, now helped recognize the important role women in farming have in the economic success of family farms.


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